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A Sentimental Journey (2021)

I have always admired the close relationship my mom shares with her siblings and parents. My mom, one of six kids, always talks about growing up and how much fun she had with her siblings. She is still very close with her sister and brothers and I have grown up with them being a very big part of my life as well. Sitting each family member down and questioning them about their time growing up is something I have always wanted to do, as well as talking to my grandma about her experience raising six kids. The interviews takes place in each of the family members’ homes, where I also captured videos of family heirlooms they own. The home videos and old photographs help visualize how fun it was not only for my mom, but also for my cousins and I, to grow up with a large extended family who still share a very close bond. The extended version of this video, which I shared with my family over the holidays, is below.

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