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Don't Play With Your Food (2022)

Don’t Play With Your Food makes viewers question the different ways in which one may eat, as well as relationships with food, which are not always obvious. I expect the audience to look at my work with an open mind, as well as gain an appreciation for types of messy photography that create different takeaways for onlookers.

I produce work by combining candid moments to create structured portraits and this project was no different. Don’t Play With Your Food was inspired by my family friend, Chloe, who had an idea to cover herself in spaghetti during a photoshoot. At the end of 2020, we turned her creative vision into a reality, which then influenced me to try various foods and textures. I chose these foods because they tend to end up as stains that are harder to get out of clothing. The work includes repetition of bright colors and messiness in combination with clean details. What started out as Chloe’s goofy idea turned into a project that has inspired me to continue stepping outside my comfort zone to create unique photographs.

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